This web portal will be used as introduction to our work, tech knowledge, achievements and for educational purposes. We will provide news coverage for our latest projects, blogspot with tips and tricks for system administrators, developers and part time enthusiasts.

We offer you a team of skilled people with many years of experience on many different fields of IT world. Graphic designers, programmers, web developers, system administrators for both *nix and windows based system, highly educated IT people and enthusiasts who became professionals at what they do.

If you decide to work with us, you will be given access to client area which is aimed for better communication and interaction with our customers.
We want you to be able to see and be part of every segment of design, production and realization of your project.

So if you want your ideas to come out right, please contact us and we will make sure you get satisfied with our results.


Web Development - Part 1 - Software
I finally managed to get some free time and start writing. In this article i'll review few PHP IDE's. There are many on the market but more than few are just fancy notepads.  Before I begin, I just want you...

So, I've been thinking about sharing some information on how I work and I came to decision to write a small(?) tutorial divided into few parts.   Part 1: Development software  I will describe few...